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Updates about the blog, not related to my many projects

Yay 2011! An a new finished project

Happy 2011!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous new year!

I am so bad about posting! Every year I say I’ll get better, and every year it never quite happens. I’ll keep trying this year and hopefully it will be better! I’ve finally graduated from nursing school last year, so at least I’ll have a little more time!

On the crafting front, I just finished a little project, a little amigurumi doll.  The pattern is called Nurse Jazzy Amigurumi and it’s by Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen from KandJDolls on Etsy. It’s really fun and quite cute!  I will almost certainly be making several of these little creations!

My goal is to try to finish up some of my wips (works in progress) this year. I have so many projects partially done that it’s kinda driving me nuts.  I’m so ADD when it comes to crafting projects!

I’ll do my best to try to keep up a little better with my posting and my crafts!

New Year . . . New Look

Happy New Year!! Okay, so I’m running a little late, what else is new?

Since It’s a new year I thought I might try a new look for the site. Since I’m also on a Twilight kick at the moment, I figured I would just combine the two. Such a pretty theme! Thank you Chris Murphy at!

I do have a goal this year to try to update the site more often, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Good luck and prosperity to you and all those that you hold dear this year!

Pink for October

Well since it’s October and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve decided to “Go Pink” for the month.

Breast cancer is just one of many diseases affecting so many people that need more research so that hopefully a cure can be found.

Women out there, please remember to do your monthy self-breast exams. Those few minutes could possibly save your life. And don’t forgot mammograms too!  Every woman over that age of 40 should have a baseline done.

Ladies, please take care of yourselves! Don’t become another statistic.


Few more updates

Well, i’ve added/updated a few more things.

1. Now you can contact me by email if you don’t want to post on the site.

2. There’s a little section about me. I’ll try to add to it later.

I’m visiting with the family for the next week or so, so you won’t hear much from me, but hopefully i’ll get more done on my X-back tank and i’ll have pictures.

Toodles for now! :-D

Minor changes

Nothing big to note today. Just some minor changes to the theme. Was told the green was a bit too bright. I like cherry blossoms anyway.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting news tomorrow.

Nite Nite and sweet dreams.

And we have a new look!

I decided I needed something a little more user friendly so here we go with WordPress. Seems to be doing nicely.

Been busy with projects so i’ll have them up with pictures soon.