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Knitting Projects

A new project (surprise, surprise)

Well I decided today to start a new knitting project. I have have been eyeing this ever sense the new issue of Knitty came out. It’s called Ice Queen and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s going to look so good with my black coat. You can see the pattern for yourself by clicking here.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered my beads and yarn now I just have to wait or them to get here. I sure hope it doesn’t take long for them to get here. I be sure to post pictures of my progress here and on my Ravelry page

Speaking of Ravelry, this site is a knitter’s/crocheter’s dream come true. Be sure to check it out by clicking here.

Yay! It worked!

Okay, so it’s been a long time since I posted here. I really do have a good reason though. You see wedding planning is hard work. Thank goodness there’s just 3 weeks to go.

Here is some of my handiwork when it comes to the wedding. This is what our flower girl/ringbearer are going to carry. They are going to throw leaves that will be inside. This was my first attempt at felting. I must say I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’ll admit though I was sweating it for a while. I was worried I would end up with a green and orange mess instead of a cute pumpkin basket.

The Pumpkin basket

Progress on X-Back Tank

I’ve finally gotten past row 3 on my x-back tank after having frogged it more times than I can count. I found this pattern on Knitty’s website ( where it’s call Ribbon X-Back. It seemed perfect for summer time.
X-Back Tank

Now if I can keep from losing my place… :-D