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Cake decorating projects

Jessica’s Cake

Gotta few more pictures of cakes i’ve made recently. This one was for a co-worker’s 4 year-old daughter. She considered it her “Princess” cake.

An overall picture:


A close up picture of the cake:

A Close up of Jessica's

I defintely got lots of experience working with fondant with this cake. At least Jessica loved it. :-)

Frog Cake for Evelyn

Here are some picture of the cake I made for a co-worker. She loves frogs if you can’t tell… (you can click the image for a bigger picture)

Evelyn's Frog Birthday Cake
Here’s a picture with a little more detail.

Detailed Picture of Evelyn's Frog B-day Cake

I liked doing this cake, but man that was alot of stars. :-) At least the end result (her loving it) was well worth it.