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We have pictures!

Well I finally got some pictures of my baby Serissa bonsai. They aren’t the best pictures (no laughing in otherwords), but at least it’s something.

I’m just happy she’s still alive. :-) Now if I can just keep her that way…

Here are the pictures (click them to get a description and a bigger picture):

Bright Side View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Darker Top View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Bright Top View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Attempted bonsai flower closeup

Doing Well

Well i’ve had my little bonsai tree for about a week now and it’s still doing well. I’m so tickled. :-D

It’s even blooming little flowers. They are so cute. I’ll try and get a picture up soon.

Toodles :)

Bonsai Trees

I decided i’m going to try a grow a bonsai tree again. My last attempts haven’t faired so well, but hopefully it will do better this time.

I have been thinking about a nice red japanese maple. I think they are so beautiful. Tho, the flowering trees are really pretty too.

I’ll have to look at the nursery next time i’m out and see what is available.

Later gater.