Monthly Archives: June 2006

Few more updates

Well, i’ve added/updated a few more things.

1. Now you can contact me by email if you don’t want to post on the site.

2. There’s a little section about me. I’ll try to add to it later.

I’m visiting with the family for the next week or so, so you won’t hear much from me, but hopefully i’ll get more done on my X-back tank and i’ll have pictures.

Toodles for now! :-D

Minor changes

Nothing big to note today. Just some minor changes to the theme. Was told the green was a bit too bright. I like cherry blossoms anyway.

Hopefully I’ll have more exciting news tomorrow.

Nite Nite and sweet dreams.

Progress on X-Back Tank

I’ve finally gotten past row 3 on my x-back tank after having frogged it more times than I can count. I found this pattern on Knitty’s website ( where it’s call Ribbon X-Back. It seemed perfect for summer time.
X-Back Tank

Now if I can keep from losing my place… :-D

Jessica’s Cake

Gotta few more pictures of cakes i’ve made recently. This one was for a co-worker’s 4 year-old daughter. She considered it her “Princess” cake.

An overall picture:


A close up picture of the cake:

A Close up of Jessica's

I defintely got lots of experience working with fondant with this cake. At least Jessica loved it. :-)

Frog Cake for Evelyn

Here are some picture of the cake I made for a co-worker. She loves frogs if you can’t tell… (you can click the image for a bigger picture)

Evelyn's Frog Birthday Cake
Here’s a picture with a little more detail.

Detailed Picture of Evelyn's Frog B-day Cake

I liked doing this cake, but man that was alot of stars. :-) At least the end result (her loving it) was well worth it.

And we have a new look!

I decided I needed something a little more user friendly so here we go with WordPress. Seems to be doing nicely.

Been busy with projects so i’ll have them up with pictures soon.