Monthly Archives: August 2006

Most projects on hold

Well, it’s that time again, school time. Not that it’s bad. No, I acutally like school alot and the fact that it going to teach me how to be come a nurse makes it that much better. But unfortunately it’s going to cut my project time down to practically nothing. So be prepared for few updates in the upcoming months. As much as I wish it was the other way around Anatomy and Psyc come before knitting and cross-stitch.

Till Later,

Toodles :-)

Our houseguest

Ever since we put our hummingbird feeder up a while back we have had one particular hummingbird visit us. We have nicknamed her Ruby, since she is a Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (as far as we can tell from reference pictures).

Since we cannot have any pets, she is the closest thing we have to one. We definitely love her like a pet. So here she is; Isn’t she beautiful?
Ruby, the HummingbirdAnother Picture of Ruby

We have pictures!

Well I finally got some pictures of my baby Serissa bonsai. They aren’t the best pictures (no laughing in otherwords), but at least it’s something.

I’m just happy she’s still alive. :-) Now if I can just keep her that way…

Here are the pictures (click them to get a description and a bigger picture):

Bright Side View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Darker Top View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Bright Top View Picture of Serissa bonsai tree.Attempted bonsai flower closeup