How to Make a Diaper Cake

No, it’s not something you eat, but new mamas will love this cute way to present them with little gifts for their new bundle of joy.

First things first. These are the supplies you’ll need to make a diaper cake:

  • Diapers: size 2 is a good size to work with (48 diapers or so is good)
  • Ribbon: A couple spools depends on how elaborate you want it, any colors
  • Clear rubber bands: You can find these in the hair bow section of the store
  • Larger rubber bands: I chose colored ones (yellow) to blend in better
  • Little things to go in the cake: toys, blankets, nail clippers etc.
  • A round cardboard cake sheet: In the cake decorating section of the store
  • Other decorations such as bows, small flowers, etc.
  • A few tall flowers that will anchor all the layers together or just a plain dowelcut to the height of all 3 layers
  • A glue gun and glue sticks

Here were my goodies for the cake:

More diaper cake stuffDiaper cake stuff

After you have collected all your goodies, then you can get started rolling the diapers.

Take a diaper and roll it tightly from the bottom to the top. Keep it together by placing a rubber band around it. Continue to do that with the rest of the diapers.

After you have all the diapers rolled up, it’s time to start assembling the layers. You can make the layers as big or small as you want. I used 8 on my top layer, but I also had a blanket shoved in the middle. As you are making the layers, this is when you want to star adding your surprises. I found it helps to roll up fabric things like blankets and clothes to the same size as the diapers.

Once you have your top layer the way you want, take a larger rubber and bind it all together. There, you made your first layer, now go make some more. I made three with my cake.

Here’s the top layer:

Another view of top layer.Top layer

Here’s the middle layer:

Another middle layer pictureMiddle layer

Finally the bottom layer:

Another view of bottom layer.Bottom layer

You can also use the clear rubber bands to attach things to the side of the layers (see the picture with the yellow duckie, I used a clear band around the neck of the duck and then attached it to the diaper).

After you have your layers, take the bottom one and set it on the cake board circle. Then stack the other layers on top of it. Now take your flowers or plain dowel and go down through the middle of the layers to secure them. Now they won’t go sliding everywhere.

It should look similar to this:

Another one of all three layers.All 3 layers together

Decorating time! Let your creativity have free rein now. I used two layers of ribbon around each layer, a wide ribbon followed by a narrow one. Then I hot glued little white bows and white roses all around the cake on that layer. Try to not get any glue on the actual diapers so they are messed up and can still be used when the time comes.

Finally just wrap up the cake in a pretty cellophane bag and add a ribbon and card. You are set to present you diaper cake and wow everyone that sees it.

All wrapped up and ready to deliver:

Finished Diaper Cake

At the baby shower Shirley, the mom-to-be, seemed to love the cake: Here are some pictures from the shower.

Wow… pretty….


Lets open it up.

Let's open the cake

It’s wonderful…

A very happy Shirley

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  1. It actually looks cooler than I was expecting :-) The idea of a cake ina diaper didnt sound too appealing, but a cake made otu of diapers is a different story! I think Amy would love that :-)

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